"Pedal-less" Bicycles
for Special Needs Children and Adults
Occupational Therapy Bike
JoRideís pedal-less bicycles are a great addition to any child or adultís occupational therapy program. The special needs bikes we create for individuals with autism, Down syndrome and Aspergerís syndrome are versatile for incorporation into an occupational therapy regimen. OT and PT medical providers will find their practices thriving from the confidence and independence our bikes provide their clients. Children and adults recovering from an injury who have been given the go-ahead by their occupational therapist, physical therapist or doctor to get back on a bicycle will also derive benefit from our bikes. JoRide occupational therapy bikes provide the same user-controlled stability, balance and pacing as an indoor bike yet allow riders to enjoy the outdoors.

Through its partnerships with The Center for Enriched Living, NSSED, NSSRA, Autism Speaks, and many Therapeutic day programs, JoRide has quickly acquired thousands of riders and our ranks are growing rapidly.

If you are interested in occupational therapy bicycles, please contact Steven Cohen at 630-258-2543 for more information.