Bicycles for Special Needs Children and Adults

Steven Cohen, Founder

(630) 258-2543
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Bicycle for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Does a child you love fall on the autism spectrum? Is he or she withdrawing from social situations because of an inability to ride a two-wheel bike? JoRide’s bicycles for kids on the autism spectrum transform autistic limitations into non-issues. By removing the pedals and gearshaft from our bicycles for kids on the autism spectrum, we enable autistic children to walk and coast right along with their friends on a bike that looks just like theirs. At the same time, we help kids with autism develop balance skills and self-esteem.

The Center for Enriched Living, NSSED, NSSRA, Autism Speaks, and other public and private schools, including Therapeutic day programs, have recognized JoRide bicycles for kids on the autism spectrum by entering into partnership with us. We count thousands of autistic riders among our ranks and we continue to grow rapidly.

If you are interested in autistic bikes and bicycles for other special needs, please contact Steven Cohen at 630-258-2543 for more information.

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